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Empowered Boost This is a key point. You want to start your diet, knowing that these metabolic pathways are maximally developed Empowered Boost are ready to replace metabolic pathways that allow the combustion of carbohydrates. You do not want to be forced to develop them during the diet. Ideally, you should begin the transition 30 days before the actual diet. If in a hurry, release at least 15 days. Work in the offseason does not imply the development of fat burning metabolic pathways to the maximum, but should prepare you for future fat burning. The goal of this transition period is to train type 1 fibers more often with more repetitions. You train your whole body for two days, accompanying them with a rest day. you train certain parts of the body with large weights to maintain muscle mass, because you do not want to remove the overload that increased your mass, but you reduce it to the very minimum to work on another component of the muscles. During this period, you train your muscles in a modified superset style. For example, when you are doing chest Empowered Boost back, do one approach for the chest, rest Empowered Boost then do the approach for the back, etc.

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